Site Gallery

Balmoral Blanket Bog

Bare peat and erosion gully system.
Previous brash application (left) – no brash application (right).
Dipwell monitoring systems.
Methane (CH4) bubbles from open water body.
Peat bund and brash application.
Peat bund + turve application.
Deep peat pipe.
Bryophyte regeneration.
Bryophyte regeneration from low pressure ground machinery tracks.
Star mosses.
V-notch weir.
View of degraded blanket peatland landscape.

Glenfeshie Blanket Bog

Stunning scenery.
Mulch harvesting site.
Arc bunds – ‘fish-scale’ formation.
Gully reprofiling, peat bunding, and brash spreading.
Peat bund creation.
Peat bund + brash application.
Peat bund + turve application.
Recent brash spread.
Bryophyte regeneration.
Sphagnum regeneration.

Bolton Fell Moss

Sphagnum farm.
Sphagnum Farm.
Flourishing Sphagnum regeneration.
Arc bunds – restoration technique used.
Sphagnum growth in the channels of the Sphagnum farm.
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