Meet the Team

Jack Brennand – PhD Student.

Jack Brennand is the PhD student on the project, a previous alumnus to the University of Cumbria, on the BSc (Hons) Geography program. His aspiration within the thesis is to undertake fundamental, interdisciplinary research on the UK’s peatlands. Jack has previously worked with PBA Applied Ecology Ltd during his studies and has a passion to protect and conserve the UK’s vulnerable habitats.

“I intend to develop this project through articulating how and why Barker & Bland’s methods are an improvement on other approaches in the peatland restoration industry. I aim to perform ground-breaking research which will result in a net reduction of both direct and indirect emissions of CO2E from peatlands; reducing the estimated ~10m T CO2E per annuum observed in the UK. μCT analysis, combined with the revolutionary machinery already introduced by Barker & Bland, will modernise peatland restoration; generating a sustainable and cost-effective solution to restore degraded peatlands”.

Dr Simon Carr, University of Cumbria.

Simon Carr is a geomorphologist and sedimentologist, specialising in the Micro-scale analysis of sediments; now leading the Geography programme at the University of Cumbria. He has led developments in the analysis of thin sections of unconsolidated sediments since the 1990s, and now focuses on the application of 3D-computed X-Ray microtomography to understanding the structural properties of sediments.

He has developed new, revolutionary ways to accurately characterise and quantify sediment fabric and pore system structure in glacial, coastal, and fluvial sediment systems, and how these influence sediment stability, hydraulic properties, and contaminant storage. Simon has a wealth of previous and current experience in this field of study, working on the NERC-FLOCS and NERC RESIST-UK projects.

Dr Jane Barker, M.D. at Barker & Bland Ltd.

Jane Barker is the founder and director of two pioneering environmental businesses: Dalefoot Composts and Barker & Bland Ltd. She is also currently a Professor of Practice at the University of Cumbria and a former Secretary of State Appointee to the Lake District National Park Authority. Jane prides herself on her remarkable achievement of the Enterprising Rural Women’s Award for farm diversification – Freeman of the City of London. Her work within both businesses has revolutionised modern procedures; developing innovative eco products including peat free composts (derived from sheep’s wool and bracken!).

Furthermore, Jane has an impressive history of research and experience in the field, lecturing ‘Rural Planning & Environmental Management’ at the University of Bradford and embedding herself in multiple rural council roles.

Dr Andrew Weatherall, University of Cumbria.

Andrew Weatherall is the course leader for BSc (Hons) Woodland Ecology and Conservation at the University of Cumbria. Andrew’s PhD thesis, investigating nutrient cycling in forests, revolutionised ideas on Sitka spruce clearfell/restock sites. At the University of Cumbria, Andrew acts as the module leader for: ‘Introduction to Managing Trees, Woods and Forests’, ‘Measuring Trees and Forests’, ‘Woodland Ecology and Conservation’, ‘Forest Carbon Management’.

He also contributes to the National School of Forestry and the Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas. Andrew’s knowledge on nutrient cycling and carbon management within forests makes his input into our project highly respected and unique.

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